Rosita Bailey-Rosse works in precious and non-precious metals to create small sculptures and jewellery. She likes to take her inspiration from unusual sources such as films and 20th century art movements. Her current series of work is mainly influenced by the geometric aesthetic of movements such as Futurism and Cubism, however some pieces are also inspired by Surrealism and classical sculpture. Rosita has previously taken inspiration from famous sci-fi films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Metropolis, this continues to be reflected in her work. Rosita strives to create original pieces that stand out to the viewer when worn or displayed. Her goal is to produce work that is very different to most contemporary jewellery. However, in the future she hopes to divide her time between making innovative pieces intended for display at galleries and pieces intended for retail which remain stylized but easy to wear. Rosita uses traditional techniques and processes to create her pieces, using mainly silver, copper or brass. Some of her pieces take advantage of the lovely patterned surface of oxidized copper and contrast this with either a beautiful stone or polished silver. 


Rosita currently shares a workshop at Motherstudios in Hackney Wick, London and divides her time between making her own work and working at Sophie Harley London. She has previously worked at the London Assay Office and Dower and Hall Jewellers.